Car Wrecks

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A staggering 274 billion miles or more are traveled annually on Texas roadways. These billions of miles traveled also resulted in more than 250,000 people suffering an injury as a result of an accident during 2017. The Texas Department of Transportation estimates there is an accident every 59 seconds on Texas roadways.

Citations Issued to At-Fault Drivers

Drunk drivers, speeding drivers, and distracted drivers are generally issued a citation after an accident where they were at fault. Citations do nothing for victims, however, since a citation issued to a driver does not mean they are responsible for medical claims, lost time from work, or for the pain and suffering of victims. Only a personal injury claim can help resolve these financial matters.

Advocating for Car Wreck Victims

When someone else is responsible for an accident which caused your injury, you need an advocate. Texas operates under a modified comparative negligence rule which means the driver responsible is going to try to prove you were partially to blame. Should the driver’s lawyer be able to prove you were more than one-half at fault, it may mean no financial settlement.

Contact Kearney Law Firm, PLLC if you are injured in a wreck in Texas. Kathleen will thoroughly investigate your claim, ensure a full review of the circumstances of the accident, and make sure the responsible party’s insurance company does not try to shift blame to you or your loved one.